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Congratulations! You've enrolled in the Headstart Advantage program, the ultimate introductory course designed to give you the edge. In this course, you'll discover skills and strategies to prepare you for what's to come in your combined Certificate III and IV (personal trainer) course.

Here at the National Health and Fitness Academy, we strive to produce the industries BEST PT's! In this short video program, you'll discover what it takes to get to the very top of the industry. We'll be taking you through a number of activities to help prepare you as a firstly as a person before we start on your PT skillset.

"Great people make great PT's!!"

Complete the course at your own pace and make as many notes as you like. So grab a notepad and pen to take plenty of notes and let's get started!

Welcome to the start of your personal training career!

Its time to begin your journey and lay down the foundation knowledge and develop the key skills to become an exceptional fitness professional. 

Fitness Professional Foundations will take you on a journey through 12 progressive learning sessions including goal setting for your new career, the keys to being a 1st class fitness professional and an introduction to anatomy and physiology.

The stronger the foundation you develop the more confidence you will possess when working with client's from all walks of life with varying health and fitness levels and health and fitness goals. 

Once you have completed this first part of the program you will take your new knowledge and skills that you have developed and build on them in Part 2 of the program, Personal Training Success Skills.

Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Let's build on the strong platform you developed in part one of the program, Fitness Professional Foundations, and develop the knowledge and skills required to become a success in the area of Personal Training.

Part 2 of the of the program,Personal Training Success Skills, is comprised of 16 focused sessions including how to goal set and assess your clients current health and fitness, develop safe and effective exercise programs to help clients of all levels achieve their goals and how to coach your client's to improve their eating habits.

You will also learn how to safely personal train and adapt training programs for client's that are considered as "special populations". The term Special Populations refers to individuals that have various common medical conditions that are becoming more prevalent in today's society.  These individuals can greatly benefit from the having a skilled Personal Trainer work with them and improve their quality of life.

Let's Get Into It!